About us:

We are a young visionary agency, that puts itself in the customer shoes, so that we are able to secure its brand and generate notoriety among the target audience. We anticipate projects, we materialize actions, and we develop a correct image by establishing the foundation for any brand communication market.

How do we do that?

In most cases, if we are talking about an early stage branding or re-positioning, it’s worth considering the creation of an identity. We help the brand position itself by establishing a target audience and by identifying its needs. Then, step by step, we determine its assets just to promote them but also its weak points just to correct them from early stages. The brand will tell its story and its voice will be heard. The brand will go out into the spotlight and we’ll make sure its name will be recognized; we will hold hands and will pave the way. We will pay attention to the obstacles that may arise along the way and we’ll make sure to overcome them. We will give advises every step of the way and we’ll analyze each result. The brand will be present online and offline and we will be there, next to it, to offer all necessary support.

We offer:

  • Marketing & PR
  • Online marketing (web development, web design, SEO, Google AdWords, Facebook ads)
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram etc)
  • Press releases, monitoring
  • Events organization
  • Brand identity (positioning, logo, slogan, branding, site etc)
  • Copy-writing
  • Graphic design
  • Project Management
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Company trainings/workshops

We can do all these things because we understand how hard it is to outline your own way. We know that all good things happens at the right time and you must organize your time efficiently. We are determined and we consider each day an opportunity to find new advertising strategies. We offer commitment, verticality and outcomes. If you have read this so far and you think we can combine forces, we look forward to meeting you!