Spring / Summer 2016 MA RA MI Collection – A multicultural story

We turn the page from the Asian influences to the authentic English ones for a new MA RA MI collection that is dedicated to the spring / summer season of 2016. It is a genuine mix of Romanian specific elements and English eclecticism that creates a new multicultural story signed by MA RA MI. The carefully selected loose materials from Japan, Italy, UAE, India and the courageous combinations of cuts made by the Romanian seamstresses` skillful hands became an essential part of the story. In addition, the hand-made accessories made by Romanian craftsmen give charm to the new collection, which is a delight for the eyes and spirit. It manages to bring the sunshine even in the rainy England, as Gloucester Folk Museum provides a special background for the spring / summer 2016 collection.

Behind the success of MA RA MI is Andra Clițan, who studied at the Faculty of Arts and Design in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, at L’Ecole Superieure des Arts at Decoratifs de Strasbourg in France and at Central St. Martins College of Art and Design in London. Over the years, she has launched a series of impressive collections, such as “My Maramures”, “The Making of The Self”, “Mara Mi”, “Segmentations”, “Sola Scriptura” and others.

Over time, the activity of the designer Andra Clițan outlined, step by step, the brand MA RA MI, which represents an artistic combination of elements that define the Romanian national identity and components from other cultures. The brand reflects her strong testimony about her origins and the values she wants to keep and express in her upcoming clothing creations. MA RA MI collections mean more than unique outfits that are created in limited editions; they are stories and destinies which are inspiring. They are decorated with items made by authentic craftsmen carefully chosen by Andra during her travels.

The MA RA MI clothes from this collection can be seen and purchased online on their website.

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