MĂIASTRA. Sânziene virtuale is waiting for you at The Galateca Gallery

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For the fourth time in Romania, MĂIASTRA, the multidisciplinary program for contemporary art dedicated to the traditional Romanian blouse and the identity`s symbols delighted us on Friday, June 24th, with the opening of the 15th edition entitled MĂIASTRA. Sânziene virtuale. The project presents the traditional creations of some well-known Romanian and foreign designers such as Philippe Guilet, Andra Clitan (MA RA MI), Aram Nikolyan, Ana Zoe Pop, Maria stumps, Irina Irimia Razvan Muresan, Serban Jipa, Peter Constantinescu and Oana Muresan (QuestDome). Their art can be admired between June 24th and September 17th at Galateca Gallery.

The project opened its doors on The International Day of The Traditional Romanian Blouse, with a lovely varnishing where we could be the spectators of a beautiful story that combined the traditions with the technological innovations. The last ones are marked by the Augmented Reality applications, film screenings, video mapping and the launch of the MĂIASTRA virtual platform. In the middle of these two concepts that seem to never reach each other, we could just enjoy the mythical game of the virtual fairies, admiring the artistic creations from an infinite source of the past`s exploitation. With her well-known multicultural brand, Andra Clitan brought in front of the public the traditional Romanian art. The outfits reflect her strong testimony about her origins and the values she wants to keep and express in her upcoming clothing creations. Thus, it managed to preserve the traditional influences in every outfit, adding a bit of originality by the several multicultural aspects.

Beside Andra Clitan`s creations, MĂIASTRA. Sânziene virtuale also presents the works of other internationally artists known in the fashion and product design areas. Philippe Guilet is one of them. He shows us some outfits from the experimental project 100%.RO that wants to prove the value of the Romanian cultural heritage. Aram Nikolyan has succeeded in combining traditional elements with modern lines and Irina Irimia has pursued a philosophical approach in Data intuition. Other artists who continue this multidisciplinary argumentative dialogue are the sculptor, illustrator and visual artist Ana Zoe Pop who use abstracted, sublimated and high expressiveness forms, and the visual artist Maria Cioată, with her fragile and also strong ceramics pieces. In the product design area, we mention the architects Peter Constantinescu and Oana Mureșan (QuestDome) that are promoting the experimental design based on artistic occupations. Also, Razvan Mureșan suggests the Neomi concept which follows a virtual perspective and is realized under the coordination of Dr. Ioana Avram.

The multidisciplinary project for contemporary art MĂIASTRA is organized by Galateca and The Romanian Neoart Association. It has enjoyed a prestigious international publicity with 14 exhibitions in Europe, including those in Berne, Dublin and London and over 50 artists and Romanian designers got involved. For more details about the project, we invite you to access their website or the Facebook page.

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