Ice cream in commercials

I’m not sure how others are, but me, when I take an office break, I start looking at different categories of commercials. As the heat outside pushes us sometimes to dreaming about fewer degrees in our thermometers and more cooled food, I’ll stick to one of the most delicious commercials category: Ice cream in commercials!

  1. Commercials that makes us crave. What else can we say or do, but a quick visit to our closest department store?

  2. Those creative ones, that make you smile. From commercials with rose shaped ice cream to the american president, only the sky is the limit.

  3. Vintage commercials. Because we desire ice cream since it was first discovered.

  4. Fruits or ice cream? Why not both!

  5. Commercials with and for ice cream that will make you guilty.

  6. Hot commercials. Because men also buy ice cream.

  7. And if we specified that men also consume ice cream, who would have thought that  ice cream can taste like bear?

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