Enthusiasm, passion and inspiration in Euro 2016 ads

This year, the most expected Euro 2016 competition brought, as it promised, waves of enthusiasm, shouts of encouragement, joy and sadness or revolt against the favorite team. This competition is always fun and attractive, managing by every edition to attract a lot of fans on the stadiums and in front of the TV with hope for their country’s representative team.

Just like any other big sporting event, major brands take advantage of the impressive public who watches the show on TV in order to promote themselves. They are aware that a significant presence on TV, especially on programs that transmit matches, means a great opportunity for maintaining their consumers’ loyalty and attract new ones that can increase the company’s profits.

We watched only the Romania`s matches and did not get to see many commercials, but being passionate more about advertising than football, we have done our homework and found the most inspiring ads created for UEFA Euro 2016.

1. “The Switch” – Nike

2. Orange – #OrangeSponsorsYou

3. Carlsberg – If Carlsberg did La Révolution…

4. Lufthansa – “Everyone’s Fanhansa”

5. Beats by Dre – B [READY]

6. Volvo V90 – Prologue

7. Apple – The Beautiful Game

8. Mars – Mars Bar #Believe

9. Nike – Spark Brilliance

10. KIA

Sursă imagine: http://www.uefa.com

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