Emoticons in your brand communication

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We are communicating more and more on different platforms, using more and more apps to do so. We are using abbreviations, contractions and different languages combinations. Outside of the usual language encryption, in this communication age we are using emoticons. When we want to transmit something in writing, we add a text code which serves the purpose of replacing a facial image or to actually convey body language.

So our salvation comes from emoticons. Considering that in writing is hard to provide vital information available during a conversation, especially visualizing expressions, we make use of this modern artifice.

We will not do a category description in this blog post and we will resume to only saying, that in contrast to a personal page, on a brand page is best to limit our emoticons usage. If we must make use of them, they should always be found after a full stop, never inside a phrase or bonded to words.

Good example:


Bad example:


We are using emoticons especially in social media and this usage has transformed step by step in a true language. Every time we learn a new language we need to understand it’s syntax and it’s grammar to convey and understand what we are saying, the same should be followed when using emoticons.

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