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Blogging represents a very efficient way of delivering important messages to your audience, in a more complex and stylized form. However, there are a few secrets of a successful blog, which can attract more readers and bring your blog in the public eye.

  • Consistency

One of the most important elements your blog need to have is consistent content. This is why you need to establish an editorial calendar, which has to include, besides the dates of your posts, the subjects or the subjects’ type that you will periodically write about.

  • Interesting subjects

No one likes to waste their time reading an article that has no substance or that does not approach an interesting theme. Make a list with at least 3 subjects that you want to talk about in your next article and choose one of them, considering yourself a reader, not a writer, and answering yourself the question “What’s the subject I would like to read about today?”. Moreover, don’t brag much about your work, but try to create a balance of content, between what you do and relevant news or articles from your activity domain.

  • Photo and video

We all know that multimedia elements are very attractive, so don’t be afraid to use them in your articles, whether it is a photo or a photo carousel, a video or an infographic.

  • Catchy titles

What does a reader see first before clicking on an article? – Its title. Use titles that will increase your readers’ curiosity for finding out more about the subject you discussed in your article, because you should be certain about the fact that only a few people will click on an article that does not make them curious.

  • Be brief and to the point

We are in the era of speed, in which people don’t have time to spend 20 minutes in order to read an article, because they will eventually lose focus and interest for the subject. Synthesize your ideas only in a few paragraphs, but do not eliminate all the details or personal touches, because they can differentiate you from those who wrote, in a way or another, about the same subject as you did.

  • Share, share, share

It is unlikely for your readers to constantly verify your blog in order to see your last content updates. That is why you need to know that social networks are, in this case, your best allies. Use them with trust in order to share your articles, because the posts that you write on social media will be therefore shared by those readers who found your articles useful or interesting.

Here is an infographic that contains ideas which can make your blog be more visible and appreciated by your readers:


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Image source: Become A Writer Today

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