Our clients say:

Chosing Aida Gabor from Brandixit for organizing our event was the best choice ever. We appreciate her patience, correctness and professionalism. We appreciate the quality of service and definitely we will continue our work in the future!

Irina Negru, Cielo Venezia 1270

„In Aida I found exactly what I was looking for: professionalism and honesty. She helped me a lot in shaping my personal brand and, from the beginning, setting the guiding principles so others managed to know me as I really am.”

Ioana Mezei, Decorator

„In decorating, as in communication, it is all about the connection between the two parties. It is about attention and understanding the needs and how these are being set into good practice. This principle was the basis for our collaboration with Brandixit's team that  managed to get to know us and help us from the beginning to easily transmit relevant information related to every project we started.”

Primera Team


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For the legal aspect of your business or any judicial issue, you can turn to Ruxandra Gusa.

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If you want to decorate your house or office with style and elegance, you can confidently call Ioana Mezei.

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